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As a part of the ventilation system, indoor air quality can be an issue too complicated for owners or tenants, not only because it involves cross-disciplinary technicality, but the issue is simply invisible to them. Through diagnosis & assessment, we can unveil latent risks and take appropriate actions. Certification schemes are also available for clients to receive the recognition it deserves. 

Most importantly, from all analysis and data collection, we can set up different objective for our professional designers to apply different technologies in aim for an optimum IAQ perfomance.  



Sometimes, IAQ threats require immediate actions. Our partnership with Treasure Bio enables us to deal with most common air pollutants such as Formaldyhyde, Benzene, other TVOCs and a series of undesirable smell. Click below to know more.


Understanding the performance of your space with the right set of tools, which includes not only IAQ parameters, but ventilation indicators as well. Comprising two sets of data to illuminate your next step to better IAQ environment.



For developers, owners and organizations with spaces open to public, certifications are important to welcome incomers with a promising IAQ performance. Local green building standards such as BEAM Plus has defined Indoor air quality as an essential realm of green building. 



Placing the right technology on the right position to complete different objectives. Designing involves an on-going checks and balances process between different factor:


1.Available Resources



4.Design Objectives